Why You Should Choose Modern Samurai

At Modern Samurai, our motto is, "there is no limit in learning." An instructor's best reward is for his student to realize, appreciate, and understand his or her own progress. A student's feelings of pride, self- respect, and accomplishment are paramount, and are continually cultivated.

Strive For Excellence

Various positive reinforcement methods are used to motivate students to achieve their short- and long - term goals. Martial Art Training is hard work, demanding discipline, determination, and patience to achieve success. Concepts and tools are used methods that are invaluable for a developing youngster or adolescent. However, while martial art practice requires great discipline it should be fun, and at Modern Samurai it is.

Mind Body and Spirit

It is especially important for a martial art student to understand and respect his or her training, and to use extreme caution when utilizing his or her knowledge. This is for the student's own benefit as well as for the benefit of society. It is critical that students understand the implications of using their skills appropriately, which encompasses both moral and legal dimensions. It is our job at Modern Samurai to help them understand how to accomplish this using brain power (mind). 


Martial Art practice helps students conquer their fears and apprehensions. Our training combines flexibility, strength development and cardiovascular work, constantly challenging both body and spirit. This teaches a student focus and balance which can be applied to all of life's challenges. This training represents an invaluable investment in every child's future.

No Hassles

Our first priority is teaching martial arts, not accounting.  At Modern Samurai we offer only unlimited, flat fee programs. 

Budo Spirit

Budo spirit is the way of the martial arts in the traditonal mindset of respect, honor, tradition, integrity, and best aspects of the warior. 

We encourage students to give 100 % effort in order to receive 100% benefit. 

Adult Students

For adults, the benefits of Martial Art Training apply more personally, depending upon life experience, and goals. Please contact us to arrange for a personal consultation. All students are pre-screened prior to acceptance into our program.

Our Safety Record is Unparalleled.

Modern Samurai offers a safe learning environment in which safety comes first. We work on a professional Olympic martial art tatami flooring system, and also have numerous training apparatuses to help our students develop their required skill sets. This, along with proper supervision, assures the safety of all.

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