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Modern Samurai is closed Friday May 26th through Memorial Day May 29th - Regular Class schedule resumes on Tuesday May 30th 

Edged Weapon Defense for the Unarmed, Armed Civilian, and Law Enforcement Officer 

The purpose of this class is to introduce the parameters of edged weapon defense for civilian with or without CCW or LEO.


This class will focus on the inherent danger of the edged weapon, what to look for, how to defeat the attack, survive and win with the least amount of damage to the defender. 


This class will be taught by Sensei Lou D'Agostino and Firearm block instructed by  LE firearms instructor, LEO Ret. ( white plains ) Sgt. Paul Conforti of Aim Small Fireamrs Training. 


January 29th @ Modern Samurai


10 AM -4 PM


Class fee $150.00

Register now to reserve your spot on the mat. 




Safety brief


Stretch and warm up


Introduction of topic


Importance of topic


Hands on


Class will cover crucial concepts, mindset, basic physical skills to help

you successfully, avoid,


mitigate and defend against an edged weapon attack. 


This is a vital skill set and is especially important when you find

yourself in an a non permissive environment at home, traveling, on vacation

when you're not able to carry or access your handgun. 




Continued Drills Practice with transition skills from


empty hand to guns. 


This block of institution will meld the empty hand methods to buy you time

to get to your gun if you have a carry permit.


If you don't carry, then the goal is to be able to defend and escape. 


Equipment list




Blue gun


Sirt pistol 


Concealed carry rig


Wear a cover garment




If uniform, wear duty rig and a duty carry blue gun


If Plain clothes, same as civilian equipment list 


Never Give Up ! 

Grandmaster Kee Young Choi  


My first martial art instructor, Taekwondo Grandmaster Kee Young Choi underwent emergency surgery for a brain tumor. GrandMaster Choi is doing well and on the road to full recovery.


Thank you Kwanjanim for all of the gifts you have given me for which I can never repay, your love, instruction and humanity. 


See for yourself 



Master Chief Navy Seal Ret. Harry Bologna 

Master Chief Harry Bologna - UNSTOPPABLE ! 


In support of retired Master Chief HB (Harry Bologna). HB spent 23 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL  defending our freedom and recently lost both of his legs from a landmine. HB is a brother and truly one of the best men I know.  Help support HB and his family by purchasing and showing your support across your chest.  ALL PROFITS raised from this shirt go directly to HB and Family.

ALL Mens shirts are dual blend, soft touch and slightly fitted (they might look a little big outa the box, but after a wash...the fit is solid. This shirt is not Shhmedium, but if you are on the fence two sizes...go with the bigger size.)


Click here to order yours 

  Master Chief Harry Bologna 

Harry Bologna, a Virginia Beach resident, is a very worthy person to dedicate the No Shave November initiative of the CBRE | Hampton Roads office to this year.  This year, 10 CBRE employees in the Norfolk, Virginia office have committed to “Get Hairy for Harry !”. Scott Adams, our Regional President for CBRE, has known Harry for 6 years and can attest to his character and attitude as someone we should step up for if at all possible.


Harry is expected to spend the next few months in Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland recovering from a tragic event in Afghanistan on October 21st of this year.  Harry was there as a contractor with a U.S. national defense agency and stepped on a land mine;  as a result of the explosion, he lost both of his legs and suffered a broken pelvis and internal injuries.  Yet as with his prior 23 year career as a US Navy SEAL, Harry continues to exhibit a no quit, only move forward attitude that is a source of incredible inspiration.  


 Harry is working now with his medical team to get stronger and be in position to be transferred in early 2016 from Walter Reed to the Center for the Intrepid in Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  The Center for the Intrepid is known for its state-of-the-world technologies for amputee care and rehabilitation.   Harry is committed to far more than walking again;  he wants to go out and help others also !


Harry is married and has 2 young daughters enrolled in Virginia colleges (one at JMU and one at Virginia Wesleyan).    His wife Julie has given us her blessing for CBRE | Hampton Roads to honor Harry in this way.  Julie will make sure whatever money we raise can be put to good use to help in his recovery and rehabilitation at home after he is released from the military hospitals;  while his care to date has been excellent and paid for by the government, there are expected to be gaps in coverage for care beyond his actual hospital bills while he learns to get back on his new feet.  


Please join us in honoring and supporting Harry Bologna at Go Fund Me

Please Donate to Master Chief Harry Bologna at Go Fund Me 


Harry Bologna is a retired U.S. Navy Master Chief (SEAL) with over 22 years Special Operations experience. After completing Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training, Harry went on to serve at SEAL Teams Two and Four deploying to Europe, South and Central America. Harry was then assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) where he made multiple deployments to Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East supporting both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his tenure at NSWDG Harry held several senior operational leadership positions.


He also served in both the Operations and Training Departments. As a recognized authority at NSWDG, he was responsible for planning and training hundreds of special operators in countless live fire training evolutions. Harry’s experience includes training federal agencies and international partners in all aspects of small unit tactics to include appropriate use of force, fire movement and maneuver, close quarter battle, demolition application, urban warfare, defensive driving, personal security, and marksmanship.


His military qualifications include; NSW Tactical Firearms Instructor, Close Quarters Battle Range Safety Officer, Free Fall Jump Master, Static Line Jump Master, and Diving Supervisor.


Harry also has an extensive medical background and uniquely served as a SEAL Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC), where he was required to function independently from a Medical Officer with duties including advanced diving medicine, remote patient care, emergency trauma, preventative medicine, and environmental and occupational health.


His personal awards include: Bronze Star w/ Valor (3), Bronze Star (2), Defense Meritorious Service Medal (2), Joint Service Achievement Medal (2), Army Commendation Medal (2), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2) and various unit and campaign awards.


Please Donate to Master Chief Harry Bologna at Go Fund Me


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