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Introduction to Prefense® Edged Weapons Defense 

Lou @ left with SME and Prefense author Steve Tarani 



Terrorist driven edged weapon attacks are increasing in regularity and frequency nationally, and internationally with disastrous loss of life and limb. 


In NYC this is a concern be it terrorism; hard-core criminals on the streets and subway, or the EDP, emotionally disturbed people who are free to roam the streets with impunity. In recent weeks there have been several fatal attacks as well as life threating injuries inflicted upon innocents. 

Another consideration is you may need to buy time to access you weapon if you carry as well as having a back up plan when you find yourself in non-permissive environments.


Law Enforcement officers are also subject to the same threats and more because they cannot retreat and must deal with the threat. At close range there is insufficient time to draw a firearm. In some cases there may be time but the officer is denied the opportunity due to public safety concerns. 


Learn the mindset, strategy tactics, and concepts to mitigate this potentially deadly threat.

All skill levels are welcome and will benefit, especially people considering self defense for the first time in their life.


Saturday September 23rd 2017 – 6:00 PM to 10:0PM

$75. For dojo members - $100.00 non members

LEOS may attend at the discounted dojo rate of $75.00

Don't be a soft target! 


Register now to reserve your spot on the mat 

 Prefense books will be available for sale- $25.00


Equipment List:

Wear comfortable clothing – If you have a folder bring it

If you are a LEO or CCW and have a blue gun or Sirt training pistol and holster, bring it and your permit as proof of good guy status. We reserve the right to refuse any student based on safety, security concerns.


Prefense® is the brainchild of SME Steve Tarani -


Class taught by Certified Prefense® instructor Lou D’Agostino at...

Modern Samurai – 718-591-9300

 179-04 Union Turnpike Fresh Meadows, NY 11366


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Steve Tarani with his brainchild book for Preventative Defense / Prefense the 90% advantage 

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