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The staff at Modern Samurai are dedicated professionals, and nice people to boot. They're available to assist you in all aspects of your training program. Their personal and friendly approach always ensures you'll receive the attention and customized exercise programs you need to succeed.


Our core art and ranking system is through Taekwondo. However students learn "Budo" basics: practical concepts, techniques, skill sets common to a wide range of martial arts systems and the tools to help them become well rounded practitioners. It's old school MMA the traditional way; take downs, throws, basic submissions and arresting techniques, many found within form applications, boxing, kick-boxing and more. If you are looking for formal, traditional training with 21st century methodology, and benefits, we will be a good fit for you or your children. Tradition, evolution in learning and eclectic knowledge do not have to be exclusive from one another.




Alex Spillane is a long time studnet at Modern Samurai  studying Shinkenkdo with Sensei Lou for several years. As a result of Alex's dedication; effort, and talent he is also a certified Shinkendo Instructor under Sensei Lou, certifed by Obata Toshishiro and the International Shinkendo Federation. 

Born and raised in Queens New York, I have been practicing various forms of martial arts from the age of nine.

I joined modern Samurai in May of 2010 and became a student of Shinkendo, and began assisting Sensei Lou with class in 2013.

I am currently a fitness instructor and a freelance illustrator. When I'm not training in the dojo, I'm training in my local gym or reading in my spare time.

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