Important Notes / Personal Hygiene:

Being part of a dojo is a special experience.To enhance that experience, there are some matters that deserve special attention. Please help yourself and your classmates by abiding by the following rules.


Come to class on time.

Come to class as clean and fresh as possible.

Use the bathroom before leaving your home.

Students shall wear clean, non-wrinkled uniforms at all times.

Wash your uniform after each class.

Finger and toenails, clean and clipped short.

Be sure that your feet are clean.

No Tee Shirts at Testing

Jewelry is unnecessary and unsafe in the dojo.

No makeup.

Females with long hair should wear headbands or scrunchee.

If you use deodorant, do not use the stick (flakes) type.

Training Tips

Students should hydrate frequently before, during and after class.

If possible, try to stretch out lightly before arriving at the school.

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