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When the prey is armed predators think twice 
By Dr. Bohdi Sanders 

Warning: A few sentences contain lauguage that may offend and are age inapproppiate for youngsters. 


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Tonight’s guest first appeared on our show last year on April 5, 2017 and we are honored and pleased to welcome back: Steve Tarani - SME and advisor to FBI, DEA, TSA, NSA & Federal Use of Force Training contractor 

Please join Allen SamsBaraka Ulrich James with our special guest co-host this evening Louis D'Agostino of Modern Samurai as we present Civilian Carry Radio episode 060 on the Firearms Radio Network with a message from our affiliate contributor and previous guest Andrew Branca ESQ of Law of Self Defense Website -

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Steve Tarani

Steve's new book -Your Most Powerful Weapon - Using your mind to stay safe

Below is a podcast interview 

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Steve Tarani Blog post 


Criminals Think Differently – Understand Them & Remain Armed

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Ben Findley 





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